Welcome to the Next Revolution
Our last Revolution has Failed.

The Salient Points

The revolutionary principals and practices our country's institutions depend on for legitimacy, the very values that our identity and our self-respect as Americans depends, have been drowned, killed by a human flood of greedy Domestic and Foreign enemies who's only motivations are self -interests and brutal materialism.

Our Political Institutions, heck, the soul of our whole society has been infected by a deep corruption that is virtually unseen by those infected. Those who do identify the source of the evil that captured their hearts and souls, as well as the political institutions of our once-great country, as greed, celebrate the greed controlling our system as if it is a great boon, a virtue of great value.

It is Not.

These corrupted folks here in the US political parties, government and our corporate elite have sent out a clarion call to their like-motivated greedy brethren around the world to throw off the restraints of values, law, and ethics to pursue naked wealth and power.

This breakdown of values in the US has had a devastating effect on people and politics around the world. Our greed has caused a chain reaction of greed and its handmaiden, violence, around the world.
A flood tide of the greediest people in the world have surged into the US over the past forty years to gratify their desires, while our foreign "allies," our alliance of kings, dictators, and corrupted governments rip off and kill their people with our guns while we offer moral as well as political support.

These social, political, economic and environmental disasters we are experiencing, or about to experience, are what happens when the values and principals underpinning American Constitutionalism are cast aside by a corrupted system. Greedy folks are a dime a dozen, while real Americans are very very rare.

In the United States I have watched the very concept of American Citizenship devolve to nothing more than the relationship of greedy consumers in a Corporate Fascist Empire to wealth. I have watched millions and millions of the greediest folks from around the world surge to the US in response to this call to unrestrained greed and self-interest by their corporate masters.
Hilariously, many of the folks surging into the US are the same folks who betrayed their own countries and their own people in service of our Corporate Empire, in their own country!

Now these traitors to their own people are your fellow citizens !

What a Happy Day !

Service to the Empire of Greed has its Rewards !

The type of people who have flooded to our shores as this "generation of immigrants" will do anything for money, and anything in service of those who hold the money. They have come here to serve and swear allegiance to what everyone in the whole world can clearly see: The United States is a Corporate Fascist State running a Global Corporate Empire, and these crimes have made it rich. These "immigrant" folks have come to the US of A to join forces with their corporate masters, and take a bigger cut of the loot of empire.

What freeking Scumbags !

They sure did buy-into a lying, stinking piece of corporate propaganda as, "The American Dream !"

The corporate aristocracy that rose on the back of the massive industrial immigration of the 19th Century have designed this century's mass flood of foreigners to successfully transform our country into a Corporate Fascist State, which they have completed on the backs of this century's mass immigration. The American Middle Class that contained the lion's share of the nation's wealth forty years ago has been sucked dry, their social institutions used to subsidize the peasants who have replaced them at a quarter the wages with zero benefits.

That is what has actually already happened, right in front of you, over the past forty years !

Mission Accomplished, SUCKERS!

Even the very notion of citizenship based on our Constitutional Principals has disappeared. Citizenship is now the reward for cheating our country and our people, for foreigners who put themselves above our rule of law. Just like our corporate masters ! The distribution of citizenship is our corporate cheaters reinforcing themselves with legions of global cheaters.
This alliance between our corporate cheaters and foreign cheaters assures that the American Middle Class has won the "race to the bottom," at least in terms of contributing their share of the national wealth to the formation of the greatest concentration of wealth in human history that our corporate elite has put together.

The sale of citizenship, and giving away citizenship to cheaters marks the disappearances of the last vestiges of our Constitutional Democratic Republic.

Thus begins the Next Revolution.

Citizenship in our Republic cannot come from the criminal actions of the petitioner, nor even be granted by criminalized political institutions. Congress and the rest of our American Political Institutions are corrupted, have no authority, and will not have authority until they are cleaned of the stink of corporate bribery, and once again operating within the framework of our Constitutional democratic principals.

Our political institutions are currently antithetical to our Constitutional Principals.

The foreigners in the US are nothing more than consumers in a corporate fascist state, as our "leaders" have transformed us all. The foreigners happily accept this environment of predatory greed and corruption as the standard of citizenship, while REAL Americans reject these terms as vile corruptions, not the values upon which our Constitution is based. It is these practices of mass immigration the first destroyed our farmer democracy and fed the rise of the robber barons and their evil corporate nobility.

The folks who swear allegiance to this corrupted government are not citizens, and have no idea about our history or values.

Citizenship can only come by the actions of folks fighting to reestablish our Democratic, Constitutional Republic in the face of a violent and repressive corporate fascist state, not those who bend down before this criminal state to serve it for their own self-interest..
Citizenship can only come by cleaning out the nest of scum that has captured our institutions, and punishing all who created, maintained, supported and guided this corruption as legitimate government is finally restored.

That scum to be cleaned out would be our Corporate Billionaire-Millionaire Elite, their Bribed Politicians, and their Lobbyist Army who work together like a well-oiled machine to control our political institutions through a system of "contributions" that is clearly open bribery. The circumstances of our nation operating as a corporate fascist state demands that these folks financing and operating this political system be tried and hung.

The political parties' breaking our democratic system and its rule of law and rights clearly defines them as institutions by and of TRAITORS.

History Calls, Duty Calls, Your Country Calls Upon You to ACT.

These criminals at the top and the bottom of society must be exposed, stopped, and punished.

Pursuing any of the above three options to restore our Constitutional Republic is the only legitimate step any of us can to reestablish our citizenship in the next, or in a re-legitimized American Republic.

Pick one and pursue it. Make these criminals pay a high price for their crimes.

American Citizens will once again establish their claim to citizenship by rising up and subjugating the wealth and power of our corporate nobility, as we once did to the wealth and power of the British king. We must again drive out the tories who have flooded our shores, and assure that those who remain within our country actually practice American Political Principals.

Liars can say anything, but actions define character, and show true values.

Those who emigrated or snuck into the corporate fascist state for the love of money will be asked to depart the restored democratic republic out of respect for our country's now-reestablished democratic principals and values.

Those stealing eggs should not be surprised when the eagle returns and attacks.

All those who came to America for the rewards of corporate fascism will find nothing but punishment here in their futures. It matters not if you came last year or during the last centuries, of whatever color, culture, or religion you are. The greed of the corporate elite and it's international cast of minions is moving itself, our country, and the world predictably towards the kill zone.

We all know who we are, and who you are. All of our actions have already defined who is within and who is outside the circle of American Values.

If you do not know, act on, and support fundamental American Constitutional Principals you are both a danger to others, and in danger yourself. The "power and wealth" folks of all groups are going to be the first to go. If you are a greedy corporate consumer the best thing you could do for everything and everyone involved is to kill yourself.

You can kill yourself literally, or you can do the next best thing: push greed out of the center of your motivations, and look to see if what's left, your real values and principals are comparable with those of our Revolutionary Forefathers. You may not know that our country started with folks who downed a king and wrote our Constitution. Adherence to those Revolutionary principals is the only thing that makes an American. It may take some time and effort to understand these values, or you moved to the US because it is profitable and beneficial to you. The latter action precludes you from American Citizenship.



It is time to re-establish our fundamental Constitutional Principals as the foundation of citizenship, the foundation of the legitimacy of American Institutions, to smash and sweep away these bribed, corrupted greedy criminals currently disgracing our our political, social, and economic institutions, and to eliminate the legion of cheaters who are today striving to enrich themselves serving this criminal power.

The control of politics by Greed must be replaced by our Constitutional Principals.


We are faced today by the specter of powerful criminal political organizations, such as the Democrat and Republican Parties, criminal economic institutions, such as Wall Street, and a vast national corporate criminal conspiracy of "state" subsidized illegal labor that stretches across our land dedicated to continuing the enslavement of our political institutions for their own evil ends, mainly to satisfy their own nasty lust for power and wealth.

These are evil people.

Our First Revolution's goal was to remove these types of evil folks from positions of power.

Our Constitution's goal was to keep them out of power.

We have failed and failed again.

To honor the values our country was established upon
These folks must be exposed, stopped, and punished.
Pick one and pursue it. Start with #3 if you are very angry.

All American's Goals

Reestablish Fundamental
Rule of Law


End of Corporate


No more Corporate/Foreign
Bribery of our Politicians.

Democratic Equality Restored:

5% Tax on all resource extraction in the US for
American Indians

40 acres and a mule for all
American Blacks

Medicine for All Americans

Education for All Americans

Negative Population Growth:
We Grow in Quality, Not Quantity

Felony Status for Illegals
Five years in the Fields

We will END
Age of the Businessman
Peacefully or with Violence
but it will

Reestablish Fundamental
Rule of Law


War & Domestic
Crimes Prosecutions

Obama the Murderer

(And many, many more.)


Full Accountability for Foreign and Domestic Crimes of
"Our Leaders."

End the War of Terror that the US is waging on the World.


religious or moral values on fellow citizens


Reestablish Fundamental
Rule of Law


Restore the Constitution.
The right of each citizen to control their own life by their own values must be restored.

Citizenship cannot be stolen or purchased, despite the lies of the corporate political traitors and their minions.

American Principals First !

Revocation of all stolen and purchased citizenship


Every American's first self-interest is required to be to our mutual Constitutional Principals.



If not, you are not an
by definition


Zero Tolerance for Cheaters !

of the
American Middle Class


Wholesale Deportation of
Foreign Nationals & Greedy Devils from around the world.

Wholesale return of US Manufacturing Jobs.


The "Tariff of Death:"


of the


Real Americans support
local control,
Corporate American Supported
Dictators and Kings.

Elect citizens to government, rather than corporate bribed tools, and the above will happen very quickly. Impossible today.


See the Committee for Democracy for endless proof of the Corporate Criminality that has Corrupted our Country.