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This lecture by Richard Grossman, "Revoking Corporate Charters," reflects the whole point of this site, and CommitteeforDemocracy.Org: To restore the soveregnity of our citizens.

I am an American Revolutionary, dedicated to restoring the democratic framework that protects the private freedoms of Citizens while simultanously empowering the people to regulate public business.

Obama Administration Update: Nothing Has Changed

This Obama update is posted on CommitteeforDemocracy's Homepage. Check it Out!

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Oct 15 2011: Occupy Wall Street

Our government has been illegitimate by our own Constitutional and legal standards here at home since the Robber Barons crushed the Farmer Democracy in the 19th century, and shortly afterward began building their Global Empire and Domestic Police State.

We have been a corporate state managing a growing empire for over a century.

Corporate Greens: The Sierra Club and Greenpeace

Who Sucks?

The Sierra Club, or "Urban idiots in Nature"

Irony: The very same people who's endless growth policies have enriched themselves while killing our natural environment have a club where they claim their love for nature: The Sierra Club. Yeah, sure. Just keep saying that it's "green," drive your worthless electric yuppie cars, and keep growing those massive urban death traps, idiots.


Libya's unique holdover "independent" position as a arabic nation under a non-aligned dictator ended a few years ago, when Kadafi accepted the Western Terms of dictatorship over oil. This was the end of an era.

Kadafi had "come in from the cold," and joined the fold of Western-approved arabic dictators. He was "our guy" now, and we began gunning him up accordingly. He kept all his modern ordinance near Tripoli, under his direct control.

Some thoughts on Egypt, and the loss of American credibility and influence in the middle east

The events sweeping across the middle east, and currently focused in Egypt, require a few words.

First, I want to remind our citizens that Egypt has been a reliable destination for those "rendered," more precisely kidnapped, by our country. In Egypt they are tortured. This started in the Clinton admin, as far as I can tell. The last incident was the guy the CIA kidnapped in Italy during the Bush Admin. But this is beside the point.

see: http://committeefordemocracy.org/Corruption%20Updates%2025.html#25_7

Obama's Lies

Listening to Obama's University of Michigan Speech was disturbing.

No more "hope." No, American politics have always been "messy," according to Obama. No more "change." No, apparently a polity and economy run by corporate interests is perfectly in accordance with Obama's notion of democracy.

What's good about this is that Obama's words finally match Obama's deeds. Obama's health care "reform" was nothing more than forcing all Americans to contribute to the financial health of the insurance industry.

Criminal Governments-Criminal Corporations: Microsoft and Yahoo aid Chinese Police State

The article linked to below by communication researchers at the University at Buffalo begs the question: What are Microsoft and Yahoo doing with our privacy rights here in the US?

Our government claims similar, but different, illegal powers as does the Chinese government.

Our telephone companies have already rolled over to criminal demands by our government, and all of our domestic digital communications are routinely monitored. This is in direct violation of our constitutional rights.

Social and Political Observations from within the Corporate Fascist State

When I look around it seems as if four things are not happening. The weird weather is not happening, our middle-eastern wars are not happening, and the great market crash and depression are not happening. And strangely enough, the corruption of our political system by Corporate Bribery is not an issue. No, none of these things are happening, and it's business as usual, full speed ahead in both Washington and on Wall Street.

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