Welcome to the Next Revolution

Our last Revolution has Failed.

Our revolutionary principals have been drowned, killed by a flood tide of greedy self interest and materialism.

Our Political Instutions have been Corrupted and greedy consumers of a Corporate Fascist Empire have flooded our shores, joined forces with their corporate masters, and overwhelmed the Citizens of Our Republic.

History Calls, Duty Calls, Your Country Calls Upon You to ACT.

These folks must be exposed, stopped, and punished.

Any one of the above three options is acceptable.

Pick one and pursue it.

We will subjagate the wealth and power of this land under the control of American Political Principals and Practices.


It is time to re-establish our fundamental Constitutional Principals as the foundation of legitimacy of American Institutions, to smash and sweep away those bribed, corrupted criminals currently disgracing our our institutions, and incarcerate or kill all of the cheaters who are today striving to enrich themselves serving this illegal power.

We are today faced by the spectre of powerful criminal political organizations, such as the Democrat and Republican Parties, criminal economic institutions, such as Wall Street, and a vast national corporate criminal conspiracy that stretches across our land dedicated to continuing enslavement of our political institutions for their own evil ends, for their own power and profit.


These folks must be exposed, stopped, and punished.
Pick one and pursue it. Start with #3.


See the Committee for Democracy for endless proof of the Corporate Criminality that has Corrupted our Country.