US defeated in Afganistan, Pakistan Going Crazy

Pakistan in Flames Again: Will they Ever be Independent of US Political Corruption? (Hell, Will WE?)
The Latest: March 15, 2009: Will Democracy Succeed against American Interests in Pakistan?
Front Page, march 15. 2009, Committee for Democracy: A fine selection of Pakistani News Sources
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US 'not winning' war says Admiral Michael Mullen, heraldsun, 8-12-08
 So we continue to attack pakistan:
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Link: Recent US Ground Assualt
Afghans are Starving
Failing Wheat Crop Causes Afghan Food Crisis, npr, 9-11-08
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Pakistan Responds
Pakistan says it will defend against US attacks, dawn, 9-11-
My amazing analysis in March, which still applies today: Understand What the Hell We are doing.

Democracy threatens US influence in Pakistan, alex, march 24, 2008
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Musharraf Fears his own people more than US or Taliban: rise of
a New Global Balance of Power
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Department of Oil, er, Interior
UPDATED Saturday

update: U.S. inaction on oil royalties suit could have cost millions, mcclatchy, 9-12-08
Oil companies gave sex, drinks, gifts to federal overseers, mcclatchy, 9-10-08
Interior Department Web Porn and Shopping Spree, wp, 10-5-06
Ex-Deputy Pleads Guilty in Abramoff Case, ap, 3-23-07
big oil, big Corps, Own US Govt: Links
List of agencies bribed by various corporate interests
From The Database
Big oil owns our Politicians, the State of Alaska, and the Interior Department

Interior is Corrupt

Go to database, search for Interior. 41 records with additional references

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How many are for How many would be against I am calling those who are for the revolution to gather.


I am just really dismayed that we have not acted much earlier. The Good people in our country should have acted when we began seriously violating our Constitution in pursuit of power and wealth.

Since we did not act earlier, to defend our political ethics, now we are faced with the spectacle of the same political thieves who brought on this crisis feeding the same corporate beast that ate our democracy and money the last bits of both.

We should have been "good" when it was the right thing to do, rather than when our evil has brought the house down.

Now we are being slowly forced to eventually, I hope, recognize the pit of filthy corruption that our corporate politicians have dug for us.

Let's bury them in their own corruption.

Spread the word. It is fucking on. Death to the corruption, the corrupt, and their fucking domestic and foreign minions.