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My observation post here in Berkeley was obliterated by fire, putting me out of touch with the world just as many of our political, economic, and environmental crisis have gone from spinning out of control to spinning into crisis.

The Politics behind American Foreign Policy, and its application, have not changed with the change in Administration. We are continuing to watch as our caustic political interference in, and corruption of, domestic Pakistani politics has once again destabilized all of Pakistan.

Fire at the NR: Smoke'n Hot Site Catches Fire, Goes Offline

Ah, Jeeze! After nearly three years working continiously to build a sufficient body of information and news to present a Radical analysis of American Corporate Fascism, a fire has made the job a lot harder.

Broke? Looking for Work? Get Your Crimigrant Refund!

I, like the rest of us non-illegal American workers, am harshly feeling the consequences of our politicians and their corporate masters draining our country of it's wealth, and our citizens of our democratic basis and rights.

I have nothing to say to the illegal labor that has stepped on my face to "improve" their situation by serving our corporate masters so well, so cheaply.

As a basic American laborer, I have been getting screwed by the cheap labor our "leaders" have decided is more important than our own citizen's welfare and rights, for decades.

The Next Great Crash is Upon US

The next great crash is upon us. The stampede of capital out of bonds and into equities yesterday was matched by a stampede into commodities today. Dollar value plunged around the world, and gold again crossed the 950 mark.

This instability reflects the true lack of value of all assets in an American economy with insufficient wealth, or potential earning power, to offset the massive underlying debt below both American consumers and corporations.

AIG BRU-HA-HA of Outrage by Obama and Congress

This whole Issue is Quite Simple: What we are watching is the Farmers (Congress and Obama)throwing our chickens (our money) into the wolve's mouths, (AIG, the Wall Street Banks, and Freddie and Fannie) all the while loudly complaining that the Wolves Ate our Chickens. Yeah, sure.
The bastards threw our chickens into their wolve's mouths.
Let's just admit it: The Farmers are paid subsideries of the Wolves, who own Congress lock, stock, and barrel. Congress threw our chickens into the wolve's mouths.

US Austerity Program On the Way

The recent military aggressions by China, along with yesterday's comments by Chinese Priemer Wen, should put recent financial events and the international banking/credit meltdown into a crystal clear context.

The Russian Situation, Background and 1st look at the new US diplomatic imperative

This offer of Obama's not to put missiles on Russia's border in exchange for their helping us to isolate Iran is fucking hilarious, if you think about it.

Analysis, 3-6-09: Markets/Economy Plunging through their Natural Bottoms

The market has just hit its natural bottom. The 6800 to 7200 range will ultimatly be known as the long-term bottom of this market crash. But that does not mean that we are out of the woods yet. Not by a long ways.


The Criminal Govt: Another Yoo Memo

This fuck must be tried for war crimes, stripped of his citizenship as a traitor, and hung
Secret anti-terror Bush memos made public by Obama, ap, 3-2-09
’03 U.S. Yoo Memo Approved Harsh Interrogations, NYT, April 2, 2008
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