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Why we Must Negoctiate with Hamas

Alex Wierbinski, Berkeley, Ca., June, 2007

The governments of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt are American supported dictatorships who have no democratic or Islamic legitimacy. Their Kingdoms are propped up by American political, military and economic support.

The opponents of these regimes have been labeled "terrorists," as have the opponents of Israel Occupation.

50 years of denying the democratic rights of colonized Arabs, especially the Palestinians, has caused Arabs to look towards religion, rather than secular Western "democracy," for political justice.

US defeated in Afganistan, Pakistan Going Crazy

Pakistan in Flames Again: Will they Ever be Independent of US Political Corruption? (Hell, Will WE?)
The Latest: March 15, 2009: Will Democracy Succeed against American Interests in Pakistan?
Front Page, march 15. 2009, Committee for Democracy: A fine selection of Pakistani News Sources
Keep Up by Tracking the Pakistan Background Links

An Important Recent News Reminder: The Dems have Sold Out our Country, Yet Again

Dems: The Other War Party
June 22, '08
Democrats: US House approves massive war funds bill, bbc, 6-20-08

Labor Defeated in Scotland: Re-lipsticking the PIG

Brown under fire as allies rally, bbc, 7-25-08
relipsticking the pig:
The merry-go-round of corruption in the UK and US

The Next Revolution Reports: Sorry, No Video Report Yet

Hey Dudes and Dudettes, I am still without a video camera, so the NRNR (NextRevNewsReports) is still offline. Sorry, I'll be back as soon as possible. Check out the Dept. of Injustice links below.

The hot story this week is that you may soon have the pleasure of Serving your Empire in Pakistan:
War With Pakistan?

 latest news
'Another US strike' hits Pakistan, bbc, 9-12-08

Status of the Economic Crisis, Where it is Going, and what you should expect to happen

Hey Kids! I wrote this analysis in July, and it has been becoming more accurate every day. Check out this broad view of our economic situation that explains how we got here, and what we can do, besides giving hundreds of billions to the biggest thieves in our country.

CBS News pushes for Iran War

Laura Logan's War Propaganda:
CBS "Report" on "Iranian aggression" against the US.

Bernanke pushes government help to curb foreclosures

Bernake says prime mortgages inverted
how we got here, how we crawl out of here

The Monthly Review: April 2008

This April American Political Corruption has been dealt severe blows both domestically and abroad.

Presidential Campaign Bribes

Source: OpenSecrets.org

Presidential Campaign Bribes: Sources and Sums, open secrets, through march

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